Steam Condenser Turbine
Medium-pressure and high-pressure
multistage single-shaft axial turbines are placed
n power units for power generation and mechanical drives.
Back Pressure Steam Turbine
The turbine stage is in two basic modifications - a radial stage and an axial stage.
Alternatively, partial admission of the impeller is used
Expansion Turbine
These turbines are designed to operate with natural gas,
coke-oven gas, cold and hot air and nitrogen, CO2, and the Organic Rankine Cycle,
and they are used to produce electricity.
Power Turbine
The turbine is connected to the powered machine directly, i.e. without a gearbox.
A gearbox is used at low speeds of the powered machine and when higher efficiency is required.
They are equipped with one turbine stage located between the shaft bearings and two carbon ring seals.