Centrifugal Compressor

Single casing structure Four stages compressions Axial air inlet of first stage with Inlet Guide Vane. First stage is half-open high-efficiency three-dimension mixed-flow impeller, the rests are closed-type. Welding structure casing, with horizontal-split structure. 3 External Coolers, Cooling stage by stage Good performance of Cooling,Fully Separate the Air and Liquid Simple structure of Cooler, Easy to Maintain Low Cost on Construction Wide Range adjustable by Speed plus Guide Vane

Axial Compressor

The axial flow compressor relatively features low compression ratio, large flow rate, long period of stable running, easy repair and maintenance, suitable for applications requiring large flow rate and small compression ratio. Flow : 24,000 m3/hr ~ 900,000 m3/hr . Compress ratio for single casing : less than 10. Rotor: Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel Rotor vane: 2Cr13 Inlet guide vane and stationary vane: 2Cr13 Inlet casing: 16MnR/Q235-A Central casing: 20# forged piece Outlet casing: 16MnR/Q235-A Inlet auxiliary casing: cast steel Outlet auxiliary casing: cast steel Outer cylinder: Q235-A Bearing casing: Carbon steel Sealing strip: Stainless steel Foundation: Carbon steel

Reciprocating Compressor

Working Medium: H2, O2, N2, CO2, natural gas, gas, water gas, acetylene, chloroethylene, etc. Driving Mode: motor, steam turbine Piston Force: 16kN—1500kN Shaft Power: 15 kw—10000kw The core product includes large hydrogen compressor and nitrogen & hydrogen compressor, models 2D40, 2D50, 2D80, 4M40, 4M50, 4M80, 6M32, 6M40 and 6M50 are available. Criteria for Design and Manufacturing (refer to the standard list) International standard: AIP618, API614, ASTM31.1, etc. (total of 23) National & industrial standards: total of 684 Enterprise standard: 55 process related, 2 inspection related, 1289 design related, 159 specifications related and 7 guideline related.